Our Story So Far...


Deborah Fruchey was born in Southern California. She attempted her first novel when she was 8 years old. Graduating from high school with good grades and bad attitudes, she received honors as the best English student in her graduating class and wrote her own column for the school newspaper. Deborah published her first novel, The Unwilling Heiress, (Walker & Co.) in 1987. This comedy romance was chosen by the American Booksellers’ Association as a Best Book for the year.

In that same year, however, she learned for the first time that she had Bipolar Disorder and alcohol addiction as well. Once she’d identified her symptoms, she realized that the psychiatric disorder had run in her family for at least three generations. Deborah was now forced to interrupt her fledging career, cease full time employment, and learn how to live all over again from the ground up. Since that time, she has learned how to build a successful life with mental illness, and in 2005 married musician Robert Hamaker. Deborah has put her wisdom into her 2010 book: Is There Room for Me, Too? 12 Steps and 12 Strategies for Coping with Mental Illness.  This is not another memoir, but a hands-on practical manual for people with psychiatric conditions.Dr David Kallinger, clinical psychologist, lent his oversight to the project and wrote an introduction. Deborah’s information is culled from research, her own experiences, and tips gained in a series of in-depth interviews with mental patients of varying diagnoses, carried out over a 15 year period.  You may visit her retired blog on mental health issues, "13 Ways of Looking at a Nut Case"  (www.alteredstatescentral.blogspot.com).

In 2011, Deborah produced her first comedy romance in 20 years, A Scandalous Creature. All of Deborah’s books are now available in paperback and as ebooks at

Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble.com, Kindle Editions, Nook books, Smashwords, and in Apple’s iBookstore. She has also started her own tiny publishing company. You can see the growing catalog at www.lastlaughproductions.net. She and her husband have produced meditation CDs to add to their catalogue.

As a poet, Deborah was a part of the infamous Babarian poetry scene of San Francisco in the 1980s. She edits and publishes a free poetry newsletter, Strictly East (www.strictlyeast.org), and has been included in ten anthologies to date (including the Babarian collection, Poets from Hell, Trafford Press, 2005).  Her first formal collection of poetry, Armadillo, was released by Cyborg Press in April of 2014.

She has worked as a banker, file clerk,

library aide, reader for the blind, and

other unsuitable things.

Deborah's upcoming projects are: a posthumous

collection by the Babarian poet Vampyre Mike

Kassel; making an audiobook; and -hopefully!- her

first Fantasy novel. Her goals in life include a

publishing contract, and a flat stomach. A small

cult following would be nice, too.

She no longer understands why she ever

bothered to do anything besides writing in

the first place.

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